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  • Spain on Trial
    This week the trials began: the trials of Catalonian political prisoners in Spain, on trial for crimes of ‘rebellion’ and ‘sedition’. Let’s just pause to reflect on this. We have a leading European state putting 12 people on trial for peaceful political activities. All 12 were either elected or legitimately recognised political leaders representing the […] ... [ c o n t i n u a ]
    Fonte: Bella CaledoniaPubblicato 12-02-2019
    4 giorni ago
  • Building a New Catalonia: Self-Determination and Emancipation
    This book brings together leading voices in the Catalonian left independence movement alongside key figures in the international solidarity movement.  The book articulates the political strategies and aspirations of the anti-capitalist, feminist and socialist struggles for self-determination in Catalonia in a series of 35 short and sharply written essays. The book includes a preface by […] ... [ c o n t i n u a ]
    Fonte: Bella CaledoniaPubblicato 09-02-2019
    1 settimana ago

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