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  • Ramaphosa’s choice for the declining ANC
    Despite South Africa’s re-election of Cyril Ramaphosa, a reduced majority and low voter turn-out signal growing disenfranchisement among the population. Amid dissent in the ruling ANC, Ramaphosa must now make a choice to tackle the country’s economic challenges – should he seek political alliances which risk his party’s collapse? Credit: David Peterson, Pixabay. There is an old Dutch story of a little boy named Hans Brinker who noticed a leak in the sea wall. The ... [ c o n t i n u a ]
    Fonte: London School – AfricaPubblicato 17-05-2019
    3 giorni ago
  • CAR’s peace accords and rebel warlords
    The latest peace agreement in the Central African Republic creates space for rebel warlords to participate in the country’s future. But with accusations that the agreement has downplayed justice, argues Gino Vlavonou, a mix of doubt and excitement allows the potential for renewed anger and grievances towards the state. Credit: UN Photo/Catianne Tijerina. MISCA holds a close protection training course in Bangui, CAR. After ten years in power, in 2013, Séléka rebels ousted the Central ... [ c o n t i n u a ]
    Fonte: London School – AfricaPubblicato 15-05-2019
    5 giorni ago

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